Title: Improving Crop Water Productivity, Food Security and Resource Quality in the Hillsides of the Sub-Humid Tropics: Unraveling the Mysteries of the Quesungual Slash and Mulch Agroforestry System (QSMAS)

Project leader: Rao Idupulapati

About the project:

Project 15 studies the benefits derived from the implementation of the Quesungual Slash and Mulch Agro forestry System (QSMAS), based on the knocking down and use of surface waste. The project’s objective is to improve water productivity in crops, food safety and the conservation of natural resources in the sub humid Tropic.

The project’s goal is to use QSMAS to improve the wellbeing of poor farmers, increase the productivity of water and look after food safety in the sub humid slopes, at the same time taking care of the conservation of land and genetic resources for future generations.

The Project is developed in the Andes, Indo Ganges, Karkheh, Limpopo, Mekong, Nile, Sao Francisco, Volta, Yellow River and others.

Related issues:

Theme 1 – Crop Water Productivity Improvement 60%
Theme 2 –
Water and people in catchments 20%
Theme 4 – Integrated Basin Water Management Systems 10%
Theme 5 – Global & National Food and Water System 10%