MUS (PN28)

Title: Models for Implementing Multiple-Use Water Supply Systems for Enhanced Land and Water Productivity, Rural Livelihoods and Gender Equity

Project leader: Frits Penning de Vries

About the project:

The MUS (Multiple Uses of Water to Reduce Poverty) project promotes the benefits of using water in different ways, compared to single use systems, whether it is domestic use or irrigation in poor areas. At the same time, the project carries out action research with partners in the communities, regions and countries (within their action areas). The objective of this research is to gain experience on the multiple use system and generate a proper political environment for the integration of sectors that supply water for domestic uses and irrigation in rural zones.

The activities carried out in this Project are focused on the improvement in the planning of water supply projects to satisfy the multiple needs of people and help the organizations involved in the sector in the updating of policies.
MUS is lead by IWMI and its partners are universities and NGO’s (non profit organization), in the watersheds of Limpopo, Mekong, Indo-Ganges and Nile, and also the watershed system of the Andes.

Related Issues:

Theme 1 - Crop Water Productivity Improvement 20%
Theme 2 -
Water and people in catchments 50%
Theme 3 - Aquatic Ecosystems and Fisheries 10%
Theme 4 - Integrated Basin Water Management Systems 10%
Theme 5 - Global & National Food and Water System 10%