PES (PN22)

Title: Payment for Environmental Services as a Mechanism for Promoting Rural Development in the Upper Watersheds of the Tropics

Project leader: Alonso Moreno

About the project:

The Project aims at promoting the payment for environmental services as a flexible, direct and preventive mechanism where the resources’ providers or keepers receive a payment for the service. This payment should be used by the provider to engage in management practices that elevate or maintain the quality of the environmental service.

The project’s objective is to reduce poverty in the Andes, through innovative technology for the quantification and valuation of the economic, social and environmental impacts of diverse uses of land within the watershed.

The project is developed in the Andes and the Nile watershed.

Related Issues:

Theme 1 – Crop Water Productivity Improvement 5%
Theme 2 –
Water and people in catchments 60%
Theme 4 – Integrated Basin Water Management Systems 18%
Theme 5 – Global & National Food and Water System 17%