Environmental services application. The CPWF projects evidence in the Andean catchments

Información relevante para: Región Andina

The Coordination of the Andean System of Basins (ANDES) for the Challenge Program on Water and Food (CPWF) has the responsibility of compile information, raise awareness and gather together all the knowledge obtained under the umbrella of the CPWF and convert it into something called synthesis. One of the results of these processes is this Synthesis Report.

This document is focused on one special topic that is expected to have a great impact in the Andes. The topic
selected is Environmental Services. The CPWF in its first competitive call financed five projects that have activities in the Andes and Central America. This document is based on how the projects relate to the topic Environmental services, the experience of CONDESAN and its partners, and the different experiences of the use of Environmental services as means to promote conservation and development in the Andean Region.

This document collects around one subject, the findings of the research being done by the CPWF in the Andean Region. It will allow researchers and development institutions to have a grasp over the different initiatives in the Andes.

The document is divided in three parts; the first one presents an overview of the concept of environmental services and its logic. The second part relates the CPWF projects findings and research with the environmental services topic, for this purpose the projects where grouped in 2, the first kind that are more related to the biophysical aspects of the environmental service topics and the second kind that are more related to the social aspects of the environmental services topic. The last part presents an overview of the perspectives of conservation and development promotion through environmental services concept in the Andean Ecoregion.

Complete document [1021.2 kB - pdf]


  • Datos de edición: International Potato Center, 2007, Lima- Perú
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