Scales (PN20)

Title: Sustaining Inclusive Collective Action that Links Across Economic and Ecological Scales in Upper Watersheds (SCALES)

Project leader: Nancy Johnson

The Collective and Sustainable Action that integrates different Ecological and Economical scales (ESCALAS) combines strategic investigation referred to water, poverty and collective action with action research, with the aim of empowering poor people so they can interact with environmental authorities and participate in the negotiations with multiple stakeholders, that is, be a part of the groups of people that make decisions on politics referred to water management.

This initiative also wants to contribute to the relive of poverty and the rural development in the Andes through the sustainable development of watersheds through the increase in the flow of resources that come from government and civil society. For this, the project aims to reduce the negative impact of the environmental externalities, improve competitive capacity, food safety and organizational skills.

ESCALAS rescues the premise that what is done in one scale influences on another and vice versa, this is why the involvement of multiple stakeholders is important.

The Project is being developed in the Andes and the Nile watershed.

Related Issues

Theme 2 –
Water and people in catchments 50%
Theme 4 – Integrated Basin Water Management Systems 25%
Theme 5 – Global & National Food and Water System 25%