Models (PN40)

Title: Integrating Knowledge from Computational Modeling with Multi-Stakeholder Governance Structures: Towards Better and More Secure Livelihoods through Improved Tools for Integrated River Basin Management

Project leader:
Nancy Mc Carthy, Thomar Berger

About the project:

The aim of the Project is to investigate about the use of integrated simulation models as a decision tool in the negotiation processes that take place between the stakeholders at the sub watershed level.

The computational models can be used to examine lasting impacts with the aim of forecasting changes in weather and evaluating alternative policies under different climate scenarios.

The Project is developed in Los Andes and the Volta watershed in Africa.

Related Issues:

Theme 2 -
Water and people in catchments 40%
Theme 4 - Integrated Basin Water Management Systems 50%
Theme 5 - Global & National Food and Water System 10%